Five Essential Characteristics Of The Army Profession

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A noble calling, a trusted profession.. An Army professional is a member of the Army profession who meets the Army’s certification criteria of competence, character and commitment. In other word an expert within the profession. A profession is a trusted self-policing and relatively autonomous vocation that render essential service to society in a particular field. The Army ethic is the evolving set of laws, values and beliefs deeply embedded within the core of the Army. Its foundation relies on our seven Army values. The five essential characteristics of the army profession are; military expertise, honorable service, trust, esprit de corps, stewardship of the profession. All of this together legitimizes the Army as a military profession. But…show more content…
Such trust develops and sustains confidence among all Army professionals. The same way trust is lost as soon as that professional fails to meet any of the standards already set at any time. More important, a greater loss of trust in the institution occurs when leadership neglects to take decisive action to address these failures. Leaders build trust in their teams by demonstrating their own competence, character and commitment. Simultaneously leaders build rapport and encourage commitment to the mission. Training and shared experiences allow leaders to earn the trust of their subordinates and for subordinates to earn the trust of their leaders. This trust relationship leads to mutual respect. Honorable service, honor requires a person to demonstrate an understanding of what is right. No constitution or law is understood and obeyed in the right mind or manner without the cultivation of moral consciousness and sensitivity. Honesty, fairness, respect and integrity between beliefs and actions define honor. Having a sense of honorable service prevents soldiers from misapplying military expertise in a manner that dishonored the Army and the

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