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Book Review: A Hope in the Unseen Have you ever felt like your dreams will never come true? Or have you ever felt like you know you can be successful as long as you can get away from the bad reputation that’s surrounding you based off of where you come from? Well this is exactly the way Cedric Jennings felt in the book: A Hope in the Unseen by Ron Suskind. In the book, Cedric is one of the smartest honors kids that attends Frank W. Ballou Senior High School in Washington D.C. The struggle comes in because the school is one of the worst high schools in the city and it is located in Southeast D.C. which contains some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the Suskind’s book begins by introducing the setting at Ballou High School…show more content…
On this particular day, Cedric decided not to attend because he knew the pep rally would be a ceremony for the kids who made honor roll. Even though Cedric was a honor roll student, he didn’t want to be teased like the other honor kids that would attend and be called names like “Nerd! Geek! Egghead! Whitey!” (3). Cedric Jennings was just a typical teenage boy who was struggling to care for his mom and himself. His mom was a single parent so it was up to him to be the man of the house and his intentions were to do just that. Unlike most of the boys at his school, he had a dream and a plan to succeed in life. Cedric’s big plans included graduating from his high school at Ballou and attending college with plans to graduate with a degree. This was rare at his high school because most boys at Ballou were dropping out of high school, so attending college wasn’t an option. Cedric was so determined to achieve his goal that many days he would eat lunch in a classroom while studying and doing extra work because he knew he was in competition with a lot of other kids from a lot of other schools. Cedric faced many obstacles from not having friends, to

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