Why Did The Hindenburg Crash

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In this report I will be telling you about the Hindenburg. The Hindenburg was a massive airship that did more than run Nazi propaganda missions. Airships were used quite a bit, and are essentially giant hot air balloons, but instead of air; they used hydrogen gas. These airships were created by the Zeppelin Company, which was run by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. As such, airships are often referred to as Zeppelins, airships, dirigibles, or rigid airships. In this paper I will talk about how big the Hindenburg was, how many voyages it had, the theories on why it burst into flames, the real reason it burst into flames, the controversies surrounding it, and the people aboard the mighty airship. Another subject that will be addressed is why the…show more content…
Many suffered horrible burns, and a few unlucky souls died in the hospital. A specific example of this is the Doehner family. Hermann, Matilde, Irene, Walter, and Werner Doehner were aboard the doomed Zeppelin. Hermann died aboard the Hindenburg while Matilde tried frantically to get the kids out. Irene and Walter jumped out the windows, but Werner had been paralyzed with fear. His mother, Matilde, quickly pushed him out the window before jumping after him. Irene died in the hospital overnight while Matilde, Walter, and Werner were treated for their burns. Werner is still alive today and lives in Colorado, his mother and brother died before…show more content…
One that arose recently was the fact that there was a smoking lounge on the Hindenburg. A smoking lounge directly under 7 million cubic feet of highly unstable hydrogen. This sounds crazy already, but the craziest part is that no one ever thought that the smoking lounge could have been the cause of the blaze aboard the airship. The given is that it was an air tight room, the only cigarette lighter was electric and handled by a steward, and that patrons were not allowed to leave with lit cigars or cigarettes. But this is still ludicrous seeing as the air tight rooms of then are primitive compared to technology now. But when you take into account the time period, things dwindle down to a less crazy level. In the era of the Hindenburg, smoking was a popular pass time for many. It was also a symbol of style, just like the Victorian Era high wheeled bicycles. I digress however, going back to the Hindenburg. Without the smoking lounge aboard the airship, the passengers would have been extremely board. The lounge was not only added for style, but for business purposes as well. If there was no land in sight, people would simply be staring out at water all the time. If people were bored out of their minds on the trips, then they wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, and getting negative reviews is bad for any business. The smoking lounge was added so that patrons had something to do, and so that they would give positive

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