Why Did Hitler Violate The Treaty Of Versailles In 1933 And 1933

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Between 1933 and 1936, Hitler took part in many acts that directly violated the regulations of the Treaty of Versailles. Firstly, Hitler broke one of the major rules by building up his army to over 1 million people. The treaty stated that an army of over 100,000 me was prohibited. He at first expanded his army in secret, but in 1935, he openly had a massive rearmament rally. Hitler also broke the treaty by moving his troops into Rhineland (a demilitarized zone). Of course another major act that challenged the treaty was when Hitler convinced the German Parliament to pass the Enabling act; this gave Hitler total power over Germany. The enabling act made Germany a totalitarian state, another thing not allowed in the terms of the treaty. The Spanish Civil War was a fight for control of Spain between the…show more content…
Hitler did use the disadvantages or weaknesses of other countries to help Germany prosper. For one thing, Hitler realised that Britain had felt ad about the harsh consequences Germany had suffered from the Treaty of Versaille, and used their guilt to his advantage. He Convinced Britain to sign an agreement allowing him to have 35% of the size of Great Britain's Navy. This was a big step up from the 6 ship he was allotted from the treaty, and this agreement obviously went against the Treaty. Hitler saw an opportunity to expand his army, and took it. Another way Hitler used opportunities thrown at him was when he demilitarized Rhineland. Rhineland was the term used for Western Germany which laid along the Rhine River. Sending German troop into this area was specifically prohibited in accordance to the treaty of Versaille, but both Britain and France were occupied by their own countries matters and allowed for this to happen. Yet again, Hitler took advantage of other countries to help himself and

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