Why Did Robert Greene The English Author Attack Shakespeare By William Shakespeare

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Why does Robert Greene the English author attack Shakespeare? Well William Shakespeare was a great poet, actor, and playwright. Why would anyone want to attack him? Robert Greene knew that shakespeare was a threat on him because both of them were poets. He felt like if he get rid of shakespeare he gets rid of the competition, but it was not going to be easy. Robert was so determined to bring shakespeare down because shakespeare was getting big in the business and not him. So let’s just talk about Robert Greene and who he was. Robert Greene was a author, a English author and he was also a poet. We don’t know when he was born but he did die in the year of 1592. He also feels like acting is dumb and they should not have actors. He did not like any of shakespeare’s plays. He was just against everything that shakespeare stood for, and everything that shakespeare was doing. Now Shakespeare on the other hand was chill he did not really do anything while robert Greene was attacking him. He was still doing plays, after a played named “Upstart…show more content…
I am guessing that people don't really like the dramatic feel that he was going for, because everyone loved Shakespeare's plays. They were funny, romantic, some drama, and people loved his plays. When Greene would write he would not create a charter it would just be like him writing the whole time. Shakespeare would bring in different people as he went on to write his plays, he was very creative. Greene was not as creative as Shakespeare and that was even more competition because no one wants to read something boring. Greene did not like how Shakespeare had men playing as women. During Renaissance that was fine people had no problem with that. Robert Green wne through some of Shakespeare's plays and he found out that they were several playwrights and they were from Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Nashe, and George Peele Greene said that Shakespeare stole something from each of these

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