Personal Narrative: My Trip To Europe

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I wish that I could remember the German Language as much as my own. Those thoughts played over and over in my head as I looked back at how great of a trip I had overseas. The time was June of 2017. It was an exciting time, the Cleveland Cavaliers were in the NBA Finals, summer break was beginning, and I had the freedom to do anything. The most thrilling event was still ahead of me and that was my trip to Europe. When the trip was first announced my sophomore year I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity I had to take advantage of. Finally, after a year of waiting in mile long lines to get my passport and repetitive US Border briefings, I was a mere week from paradise. Beautiful monuments, world renowned cathedrals and most importantly…show more content…
This early start gave us the opportunity to get a full day in of the area. The first stop we explored for a brief time was the Old Town Square. It smelled of cigarette smoke and sweat as we paced our way through a quick tour before we were let go to explore on our own. When it meant explore on your own it actually meant for us to go find places to eat and waste money on useless novelty items. When I sat down at the table for lunch I thought to myself, let’s try putting a story together to figure out what the waitress is saying. She welcomed us and addressed us with what seemed to be a meal option,…show more content…
We only had three more days left in the trip and where would you rather be than in Switzerland? The answer is no where else. I fell in love the second we entered the country. The air was so thin and fresh as we climbed the alps, the land was made for adventurous people like myself. That day I learned what the word ‘breathtaking’ actually stood for as I cherished the atmosphere and memories made. We were given a free day in the city of Lucerne and our close knit group did what every kid dreamed of, swim and boat on Lake Lucerne. This was my final chance to make a great impression in front of all the other students on the trip and show them that I truly knew the language. Our group walked up to the Boat rental station and

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