Time And Distance Overcome By Eula Biss: Article Analysis

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Not one time in my 18 years have I heard of the term "lynching". It wasn't until reading the article "Time and Distance Overcome" that it gave me some insight to what colored people went through. I wouldn't forget being taught something so horrendous; it would cling to me, just as it has now. Eula Biss shows no mercy when describing the fatal accounts of lynchings that took place all around America during 1876. Targeted black men were hanged, burned, shot repeatedly, mobbed and burned, stoned with bricks, covered in coal oil and burned, Slit at the throat, stabbed and left the knife inside their bodies, cut into pieces, cut down half alive, beaten with clubs, legs being broken and arms curled up and blacken, while they hung from a telephone pole praying for their lives. Teachers are not the ones…show more content…
Between this time there have been several world wars, the great depression broke out, multiple presidents passings, technology advancements, and the brutal acts of lynching. A subject like lynching that was recorded over an extensive period of time to be so unknown to me and many others. "The lynchings happened everywhere, in all but four states." (5) Biss states that lynching happened all over the United States. This wasn't just a short passing of injustice that happened in a small town. It was an extended time period of the horrific bigotry of inequality that was widespread. I grew up in an area consisting of mostly white people. Each one of my classes had a hand full of colored people, if that. My former teachers had only touched the basics regarding racism that this country has been experienced in its pastime. Precious was a touchy subject within a classroom. When these topics arose teachers didn't want to offend or draw attention to that hand full of people that were colored in the room. My knowledge was missing an important part of history,

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