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Pretty Little Liars Series Review “Some things aren’t always what they seem, especially when secrets and lies become your life’s new theme” – Spencer Hastings The ABC Family original television series, Pretty Little Liars tells a gripping story about all the secrets and lies that encircle a group of four friends who ban together to conquer an unknown cyber-bully – under the alias, “A” – who is constantly threatening their secrets, lives, and the people they love, and all while attempting to unravel the mystery surrounding their best friend’s disappearance and murder. This hit television series, created by Marlene King, is based off a series of novels written by Sarah Shepard. Pretty Little Liars made its debut on ABC family in June of 2010. The show was an immediate success in America and continues to be a success, with the show ranking number one on ABC family and drawing in millions of…show more content…
It is currently at the start of season six and has already been renewed for season seven, making it the longest running original series on ABC family. The show is set in the fictional small town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania; once an unknown town soon finds itself under national scrutiny due to the disappearances and murders that plague the townspeople. The show follows the lives of four High School girls, each with their own unique personality, – the edgy poet, Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale); the ivy-league bound, Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario); the varsity athlete, Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell); and the seemingly oblivious fashionista, Hannah Marin (Ashley Benson). Their friendship becomes strained and soon falls apart altogether when queen bee of the clique, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse),

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