Whole Foods Persuasive Essay

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These campaigns show that companies like Whole Foods and Chipotle claim to kill animals in a humane way however, there really isn’t a humane way to kill animals. These companies advertise that they care about the well being of the animals being killed for human consumption yet their industries is continuously growing more leading to higher deaths of animals. The public imagine that Whole Foods advertises is that they care for the well being of animals yet they kill them for their meat and sell them to customers under false pretenses. The website Direct Action Everywhere makes a valid point by stating, “False idea that somehow, you can care for animals and kill them too”, this is impossible. No matter how they animal is being killed there isn’t…show more content…
The promote their business by stating they care for the animals and state that their meat is killed in a humane way so making it ok for the animals to be killed. However, what the consumers don’t know is that this is a lie because Chipotle is one of the largest animals killers as seen on the Direct Action website. It also states, “Ninety five percent of sales involve violence against animals” proving that this company is promoting false advertisement in order to obtain more consumers. In the website it states that to calm people down Chipotle has temporarily removed pork from their menu and this was done after the Direct Action protest. This is one thing that some companies like Chipotle will do to calm the press down, by doing this it shows that Chipotle does care what the people say but in reality taking pork off the menu wont harm the company because it still provides other meats. This is one thing that the campaign could improve its to show people that some actions done my the company is to hush down the protestors and to get more people on their side. Doesn’t mean they care or will change how they are killing the animals or the amount of animals that are going to be

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