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I read 100% of John Ortberg’s book Who Is This Man; The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus. Throughout his book, Ortberg unpacks the incredible truth and hard facts of history’s most familiar figure. The author builds on the foundation of the life of Christ throughout the ages revealing the impact that He has had and still has in the world today. Even though Jesus Christ came to save all people, His life here on earth can be easily missed by many; perhaps it is because of the way that He lived His life. This is one of the many ways John Ortberg desires to reveal the unknown impact of Christ throughout his book, Who Is This Man; The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus. From the very beginning John Ortberg lays the foundation…show more content…
But, the question remains, how did this happen? Or even more specifically, what were the factors throughout Jesus’ life that led to such a large and faithful allegiance? Throughout his book, author John Ortberg explores the transformation of Jesus from an unknown, overlooked individual to a worldwide life transformer. The author paints a picture of the Roman/Jewish culture of Jesus’ time to portray how His culture would impact the generations to come. In a time and culture where the attribute of humility was mocked, Jesus brought with Him the overwhelming power of humility making it a valuable virtue. More importantly, Jesus went against His culture by valuing the hearts of every individual no matter how rich or poor, how young or old, nor woman or man. Ortberg portrays the importance Jesus placed on individuals when he writes, “Jesus insisted that the whole law pointed toward love, and love meant seeing and valuing the worth God had placed in human…show more content…
With that being said, there are two areas of his writings where the reader may find it hard to connect them directly to the author’s thesis statement and content. The first area of critique is found in the title itself. Because of the way Ortberg writes this book, a look across history of Jesus’ ministry, it should be noted that, “Who Is This Man?” is perhaps better titled, “Where Is Jesus?” This is not merely a fleshed out portrait of Jesus but rather how he has impacted different parts of culture throughout the ages. The second area of critique found throughout three different chapters. The idea that Jesus’ death and resurrection portrayed as exemplary rather than redemptive is not the message that a reader should get but does. There is a big difference between Jesus dying for our sake, and his dying in our place. Sadly, the message of hope rather than atonement seems to be the idea of Ortberg’s three chapters that deal with the Biblical accounts of Jesus’ death and

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