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Imagine I told you that there was a man who changed the way society viewed and practiced everything from science to modern marriage. Surely you would ask me “Well, Who is this Man”. In his 2012 book cleverly enough titled Who is this Man author John Ortberg seeks to answer that very question. Ortberg answers this question by looking at the life of Christ through several different topical perspectives, beginning with humility and ending with hope. From beginning to the end the book is gripping and packed with intellectual quotes, passages of scripture, historical evidence and statistics. The amount of thought and research put into each page is obvious and clearly stands out as a strength of this book. Another strength is the books ability to challenge the reader to explore the work of Christ through a more secular perspective. Ortberg makes it clear that we do not have to be a fundamental Christian to see the impact of Christ or to accept it as an almost…show more content…
(It is a universal prayer for all writers, but often they wait until they are desperate. I'm praying it right now.) At the end of a piece, he would write three letters--S.D.G. (Soli Deo Gloria)--that meant ‘To the glory of God’ on all his music.” Ortberg clearly demonstrates that there is a wealth of information from people in various different fields that point to Jesus’ impact on society. Ortberg is also able to manipulate quantitative information, such as statistics, to help make his points. In the chapter An Undistinguished Visiting Scholar in order to help prove his point that Jesus had a profound impact on modern academia Ortberg pulls this informative and surprising statistic: “Ninety-two percent of the first 138 colleges and universities founded in American were begun for followers of this uneducated, itinerant, never-wrote-a-book

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