Who Is The Wicker Husband In My Sweet Jerome

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In the story My Sweet Jerome, Mrs. Washington is a fat African American women who battles with the acceptation of other people when It is concerning her outer appearance. Mrs. Washington ironically works in a beauty parlor as her career, but is not beautiful herself. While she battles with her acceptance from the outer world she must also fight for acceptance from her father who is disappointed and ashamed of her because of her way of waybof life. She thought that she had found a place of rest when a wealthy man comes into her life and marries her… unfortunately that is not the case, her “husband” is constantly beating her down mentally and physically, but she is to bashful to ever tell anybody about it for help. She only states how…show more content…
She Gutted fish for a living and was known as the Ugly Girl. She had no family others or sisters to socialize with, and no friends in the village to talk to. One day The Ugly Girl knocked on the door of the basket maker and demanded that he make her a perfect wicker husband with a strong arm, elegant neck, and greenish hazle eyes. When the wicker husband was made he was indeed the perfect husband with no flaws except of one .. A very important one ..fire , fire would kill the wicker husband because he was made out of wood. When all of the women in town learned of her knew husband they became exceedingly jealous and set the wicker husband on fire including the wicker baby that was later made. Out of jealousy the men demanded a wicker wife. Because of there greed and hateful hearts, they got an ugly women full of thorns and awful wood. In the story the Yellow wall paper Jane has fallen into a deep depression, deeper then her or her husband who is a physician thinks. Her husband and brother who is also a physician told her to stay home and in the bedroom, for she was not aloud to work anymore. She dreaded

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