What Does Satan Represent In Dante's Inferno

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The picture of Satan does not satisfy the typical reader, many people see Satan as someone really scary but a normal sized person. Satan has three heads and 3 faces and is a giant in Inferno. This shows that people's expectations weren't really what they thought about Satan's looks. Satan which is Lucifer is a huge giant with one head and three heads. The face in the middle was red the color of anger, the face on the right was white blended with yellow, and the face on the left was black. All these three faces represented something very negative. Lucifer is places on the bottom of the slope by permanently being frozen in which his pride only worsens his imprisonment. Satan in Dante’s eyes is a mimicry of God in Heaven but is the sinner in hell. The readers might think that Satan should…show more content…
Dante represents the evil this way by using Satan because he is a giant that isn’t afraid of anything he sees. Also christianity is used and who ever sins or does a bad act will go to hell so Dante thought it would be a good idea to use Satan and an evil symbol. Dante reveals the theme by someone who is evil and did a really bad sin t God by using Satan Many people see Satan in many different ways by his in which it can be his appearance or mentally. Dante depicted Satan in the way in which he has bat-like wings in which he makes a lot of win and in which Dante even gets cold. Satan is also described as a hideous being that can’t even be described because he is just so ugly and not even human being which he also also had two eyes in each head. The description of Satan is different to other people's expectations because he is usually described as being red with curly horns and with a really long tail. Almost everyone visualizes Satan the same way ,he has a very evil laugh with long rusty nails and red eyes just like fire. Dante's expectations were

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