Inequality Has Been Going Forever Summary

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A Synthesis of “Confronting Inequality” by Paul Krugman and ‘‘Inequality Has Been Going Forever’’ by David Leonheardt In the article ‘‘Inequality Has Been Going Forever,’’ David Leonheardt states that no matter which government or situation our society has been through, income inequality has been present among us throughout history. In addition, he points out that there is a remarkable difference between the rich and the poor as well as the way they face situations (523). Paul Krugman, in the article ‘‘Confronting Inequality’’, agrees with Leonhard on the point that inequality affects our society and nation’s democracy by creating a breach among classes (562). Leonheard points out that despite the fact that inequality has been present for so many years, it does not mean it has to continue (543). Both authors stress the necessity of looking for new ways to eradicate inequality. They discuss the way in which income inequality forces different live condition and harms…show more content…
Krugman states that one of biggest harms caused by income inequality is forces different live conditions. He exposes, “The fact is that vast income inequality inevitably brings vast social inequality in its train” (563). He points that inequality force families to life under different conditions. For instance, the problem is not only that middle-class families cannot afford luxury house. The bottom line is that they cannot even buy a house without acquiring an expensive debt that would affect the payment of college education for their children (563). Leonhardt concurs with Krugman on the fact that income inequality harms social equality. In his article, Leonhardt express, “We could end up with a society in which the rich separate themselves from everyone else, perpetuating their wealth from one generation to the next, as nobility of past centuries did”

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