Who Is Rene Descartes's Perception Of The Human Mind?

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The question concerning whether the human mind takes precedence over the human body has been around for a long time. From my previous knowledge of philosophy, that theory is the mind, body and soul theory. The relationship between the mind and body is described as dualism, which is what René Descartes spoke about thoroughly. Mind and body relationships and which one is better understood is described in René Descartes, “Second Meditation.” In the beginning Descartes can accept only one thing, and that is that nothing is certain. He believes that it is best to question everything. Because he is Rationalist thinker, he uses reasoning to better understand situations. Descartes touches a lot on the belief of God and he questions what God really does and if he or she even exists. His questioning of God can be seen in this quote, “Is there not a God, or whatever I may call him, who puts into me the thoughts I am now having?” (Descartes, Second Meditation, pg. 22). He is saying that how could be questioning so much, if someone…show more content…
I disagree with Descartes because to me neither the mind nor the body is more significant. I find the soul to be the main part of what a person truly is. Because when I think about people who are brain dead, they are said to be not able to think and they cannot move. But their soul is there and they are the same human being that they were before the tragedy by morality and other circumstances. I find this meditation to be very interesting, because it seems like Descartes made a big revelation, when he stated that he knows that he exists. But I do find some faults in his thoughts, because I do not think that the body is a mechanical structure of limbs. There is more to the body then just limbs, a lot of times stress can cause a pain in your body, that links the mind and the body together. In my opinion the mind would not be as important if a person could not think and take actions or even feel

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