American Flappers Research Paper

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Flappers, also known as New Women, represented the women during Early Twenty Centuries, who rebelled against conventional ideas of ladylike behavior and dress. who now can manipulate their own will. This a typical feminist group raised up during the 1920s, in Britain and its heat had spread all over the world. Once it landed in the United States, it caused a huge impact on the public, the women who were affected by flapper fever, started to turn it into a fashion and following it. Besides, American women also strengthened the idea of the flapper, by developing and expressing new incredible characteristics. Which made American flappers special. Yet, American flappers truly demonstrated flapper’s essence, by presenting the wealth, independence…show more content…
The ideas are ruin and pass on to the future because some women abusing the rights. First, they abusing the authority, throughout the history women wish to have equal social status like men because back then women social status was low, but women didn’t realized they already had a great power that a man are unable to match. Which now causing a lot of women becoming what we call iron lady , and a lot of them put their whole life time in the working filed ,while in some woman‘s life period they are having a child, and a child means a world’s future. Most of the children’s childhood the mother figure had a lot of influence to them therefore because women already had the power of controlling the future, which they somehow are like a god, able to control the destiny of human and the idea of flapper are also causing the human resource decreasing . Second wasting money, it causes lost their power, originally flapper’s , financial independent or in another word controlling your own money but some women abusing the idea because they didn’t use the cash wisely therefore what is waiting is what we call broke and it affect the increasing the number of poverty which it is really damaging the society. Last, behavior freedom, the thing that women were always been control was sex. So, some women start promiscuity. This uncontrollable sex casing a huge increase of sexually transmitted disease patient. Base on the two data, first is about STD control [Paolo Piva & Rebecca Dodd] it is telling the number of STD patient is having a huge increasing .second is Chlamydia carrier .and specially for Chlamydia most carrier are increasing fast and mostly are women.[ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].however sex need as less two people to make it run so there are

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