Bear V. Shark II Such A Big Deal Summary

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How would you describe the Norman family relationships: Husband/ wife The relationship between Mr. Norman and his wife is not much likely intimate to each other. Mr. Norman is not even sure whether he loves his wife because of the distractions, such as, TV screens, VibraDream pillow, and other entertainment. Parents/ children Mr. Norman and Mrs. Norman do not give much attention to their children. Their center of attention are on the mindless entertainments and advertisements that stand on their way. As a result, their relationship between their children do not have a tight connection. For example, the author states: “ Sometimes Mr. Norman has the vague feeling that Matthew is gay… When the time comes he would have a talk with him” (p.37). The author portrays…show more content…
As Curtis says: “The point is that it’s hard to know what to believe” (p.75). While Matthew says: “No, the point is that there is a lot of stuff to believe” (p.75). It portrays that they will not stop arguing each other until the other one wins. 2. 3. Why is Bear v. Shark II such a big deal? Explain Bear v. shark II is such a big deal because it is the rematch between Bear and Shark to Las Vegas. This is a big chance for Normans to attend Bear v. Shark II in person and this is because of Curtis who won the essay contest. Bear v. Shark II is a fight between a computer images of a Shark and a Bear. 4. What is the purpose of Ch. 20? The purpose of Chapter 20 is to give a background for the Bear and the Shark, such as, where did they originally come from. There are variety of ideologies where did Bear v. Shark comes from. One belief is that their origin is in ancient Eastern. On the other hand, the author states that Bear v. Shark is a variation on a Buddhist Koan. Furthermore, the arguments between Bear v. Shark are still remains in terms of who would win the match. 5. How would you characterize the narrator of

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