Regionalism In Canada Research Paper

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Canada is a diverse multicultural nation consisting of several regions with resources, people, and provincial identities that are linked to their representation within government. This paper will explore how regionalism is supported by public choice, which in the end can lead to patronage politics. Public choice theory implies that people will strive to elect the best democratic representation possible, and with increased voter turnout will increase the probability this occurs. This theory also introduces economics into politics and anytime money becomes involved, whether it is an average family or corporation it can have drastic effects on the voting choices made. Additionally due to the vast differences in culture, language, geography, and politics across the nation it can lead to regionalism. This entails concern for the affairs of your own region over those of the country. (Brym 1986)…show more content…
Voters inherently want to select the best parliamentary representation, however, they generally do not think in terms of Canada as a whole. People want what is best for them and their part of the country. This does not suggest that maritime voters willfully neglect the impact their vote may have on the country but does suggest a case of the here and now. What will help my region and business or family the most? Within the Maritimes and specifically rural regions we also must take into account that there are a majority of people who do not fully understand the functioning of government and the impact their vote may have. This leads to electorates who make choices based on electoral promises, or worse, voting for a candidate based upon historical preferences of their parents. Again these ill advised or even uneducated voting decisions are often made with the best of intentions for self and region with little regard for actual platform policies that their member of parliament may have an effect

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