Paul's Letter To Romans Analysis

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Paul begins the letter he is writing to the Romans by introducing himself because he is not personally known in the Roman Church. Paul has been called to be an apostle and he is told to bring about the faith among the Gentiles. After the introduction he gives an introduction to greet the Roman church and states how one day he would like to preach in Rome. In this letter Paul tries to help the Romans but teaching them what the proper way to be a Christian. During the time that the letter was written was a hard time for the church, Christianity was not a distinct religion, this was around 55 A.D when Paul was about to set out for Jerusalem. Paul was trying to help the Romans by helping them what it means to be a Christians and how to make Christianity become a fundamental religion. For many years Paul wanted to visit the church in Rome but couldn’t because of other responsibilities made it complicated so his letter to the church was his way of communicating the message he wanted to them to have. Paul wanted to become acquainted with the church so that what that he could take a step ahead with the Roman Church and Paul planned on visiting on his way to Spain.…show more content…
Another reason that Paul wrote to the Romans is because he wanted to preach about the Gospel and tell the Romans about the spiritual benefit. Paul wanted to lead the church forward and help them come to a new level and lead them to a new commitment to Christ and salvation. Another message is to deal with the problems that are occurring in the church and try to repair the church and help lead them back to what is important, Christ. He is trying to restore the Roman believers. He states that humans have given up the real image of God and have made him into an idol. He says that such behavior is not good in Gods

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