Kao Yang And Her Family In The Latehomecomer

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In the book The latehomecomer, we get to know Kao Yang and her family. The book describes in good detail; their lives from escaping soldiers in Laos, to their lives in refugee camps, and their final move to the United States. Beginning in the late 1970s, when Hmong families were hunted for their cooperation with the United States during the Vietnam War, Yang’s mother and father met each other for the first time, while hiding in the jungle of Laos. After only a couple of weeks they married each other against some of their own family members’ wishes. After a while, many women and children got captured and separated from their men and fathers. After months of fear, disease and rape some of the women got rescued and reunited with their men. It was now; they realized that they…show more content…
Many families decided to try to get to Thailand were they could get help, and yang’s family was one of them. After experiencing hardships along the way, they finally found a refugee camp and a temporary home for their family. After living at Ban Vinai refugee camp a couple of years, Kao Yang was finally born. Here the family experienced poverty, disease and more challenges, and they knew that they could not stay there much longer. Finally they got the option to immigrate to the United States, but they had to move again; to a transition camp before they could start a new life. Koa Yang was six years old when they moved to America. The family’s first months living in America was not very delightful. They experienced poverty living off welfare and had difficulties learning the new language. They also

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