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Through the Life of Gary Paulsen Have you ever read an incredibly elaborate book? A book that takes you through every nook and cranny, allowing you to truly feel what is happening? With the accompany of many fascinating backstories and past adventures, 67 year old author Gary Paulsen writes award winning wilderness adventure and heartwarming novels. Gary Paulsen uses his real life adventures and love for reading and writing in order to craft such masterpieces. From Hatchet to Dogsong, Paulsens diversity attracts a variety of children and young adults. “I sail, run dogs, ride horses, play professional poker and tell stories about the stuff I’ve been through” Gary Paulsen states from the article “On the Road and Between the Pages, an Author Is Restless for Adventure” written by Goodwin Sides (Sides C2). Paulsen is desperate for adventure throughout his everyday life. The author lives in New Mexico, owning a ranch and going on horse rides often. His writing is based off of his real life stories. In Sides’ article, Margaret Tice states, “He’s always lived his life on the edge and survived true adventures, but he’s not just an action man; he also knows how young people feel…show more content…
These three are masterpieces from Paulsen, each winning a Newbery Honor award. His thrilling adventure wilderness stories have over 26 million books in print and Paulsen’s website holds a tally of more than 175 individual books. Sides writes, “In 1966, he checked himself into a cabin in the Minnesota woods, where he wrote his first book, “Some Birds Don’t Fly,” a collection of humorous essays about the missile industry” (Sides C2). Paulsen began to grow into reading and writing at around 13. Sides states, “He said he was 13 when he stepped into a library for the first time” (Sides C2). Although it was later than other children, Paulsen was still able to turn into the amazing author that be is

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