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Veterans Day is observed on November 11th of every year to honor all those that have served or are still serving for the United States armed forces. Veterans Day was originally called “Armistice Day” by Woodrow Wilson when he was president during World War I. Though the day Wilson created was more like todays holiday known as Memorial Day, observed on May 25th, because it honored those that had fallen during service. It is important to honor those veterans that have served because they are the reason we have liberty today. Veterans Day is celebrated all over the nation. Most schools and work facilities get the day off for Veterans Day. Much of society, young and old, are seen wearing an item of clothing with red, white, and blue or the American…show more content…
The wars that veterans fought in for us so many year ago have shaped the life that we as Americans have today. For example, if the Americans had not fought for our independence in the American Revolution, would we still be under control of Great Britain? If the American soldiers had lost in World War I, would their have even been a World War II? These are just a few questions that could be answered if the United States troops had not protected us during these crucial wars so many years ago. Many people are curious to know the answers to the questions mentioned above. But, has anyone ever stopped and thought, what if we did not have veterans serving the nation? Would we have ever been involved in a war with another country? When someone thinks of a veteran, the first thing they automatically think of is war. I think if we did not have veterans we would have never been involved in war, or at least nothing as big as we have been involved in. But, I also think if we had never went to war that life today would be very different for

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