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Jamie Dahlen 6th period Letter to Editor Dear Editor, This is James Baker, third juror, from the prosecution of Ted Jackson who was accused of murdering his father. I am writing to you to explain why my not guilty verdict is correct. Until the very end I was very stubborn and voted guilty because I truly felt that Ted had killed his father by the given evidence proving that he was guilty. But due to the presumption of innocence he was considered innocent until a prosecutor could prove that we was guilty of the crime. I can honestly say that I also involved some family problems of my own with my son, which is part of why I was so convinced that he was. I remember saying “That goddamn rotten kid. I know him. What they’re like. How they kill…show more content…
But our defenses as the jury know that the switch knife is not one of a kind because the eighth juror found one just like it. Also, there were no fingerprints on the switch knife whatsoever. By the positioning of the stab wound shows the killer was inexperienced because he stabbed down into the chest overhand. Any person who’s experienced would’ve known to slash up into the stomach underhand. In the past the defendant has been arrested for switch knife fighting which proves that he’s experienced with using switch knives and would’ve done it the right way if attempted. The fifth juror had told us himself how to correctly hold a switch knife because of his own experience of watching switch knife…show more content…
She had testified that she witnessed the defendant stabbing his father while she was trying to get to sleep and happened to seen it while she was tossing in bed and looked out her window looking through the last two cars of the el train. In the courtroom, the ninth juror had noticed that she had the same nose marks that the fourth juror had from his glasses but she must’ve taken them off before entering the courtroom because the marks were deeply indented into the bridge of her nose. Last time I checked no one wears glasses to try to fall asleep. She said that right after the murder, the lights went out in the apartment where it happened. The old woman would not have had time to put her glasses on to see the killer and probably only saw a blur since she was not wearing her

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