Whitney Houston: The Life Of Elizabeth Houston's Life

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Whitney Elizabeth Houston by: Alisa Dettmer 6B Whitney Houston impressed me by her career itself, her extra ordinary self-consciouness in becomming a popstar and her selfesteem for making her dream come true. Finally I have to say that her life was not that fancy as it seemed to be, but let`s start with the beginning. Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born on 09.08.1963 in New Jersey as 1 of 5 children living as a patchwork family. She had one older brother and 3 step siblings. From her early years it seemed to be her wish to become an professional singer. Her mother Cissy Houston was a singer too. She was the minister of a choir at New Hope Baptist Church and this is the place where Whitney spent most of her times as a…show more content…
During this time , around 1992, Whitney was invited to sing for Nelson Mandela´s Birthday party and she was involved in many helping projects for Africa. She was a world-wide-honoured popstar and her young life changed hard after her marriage with Bobbi Brown and the birth of her daughter Bobbi Christina in 1993. Whitney lost control of her life, had official beat ups with her husband, was seen with drugs and alcohol and often felt lost. But then she found her way back. Together with Kevin Costner she played in the movie “Bodyguard” some kind of her own role and her song “I will always love you“ stayed in the top plays for 14 weeks in U.S and won 3 Grammies as well. This album was honoured as record oft he year. In 2012 Whitney died with only 48 years. She died alone on 11.02.2012 in the Beverly Hilton hotel in L.A. when a Grammy party was held. She drowned in the bathtub by accident. People couldn`t believe she decided to die and it was a shock for the whole world of music but most of all for her young daughter Bobbi Christina. Only 3 years after the death of her mother Bobbi Christina was found the same way in the Bathtub full with drugs, with the face down in the

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