Jesse's Nightmares: A Narrative Fiction

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Bam! The door slammed followed by a bunch of heavy footprints.My sister put her keys and a box of pizza on the dinner table.She never said a word to anybody she just dropped herself onto the couch and shut her eyes closed. She looked upset, like she was going to cry or something.I didn’t want to bother her by asking what’s wrong because of how hungry i was.I haven’t eaten in years.So i grabbed a plate and started shoving pieces of pizza down my throat.”where is jesse?” “she is upstairs in the bathroom” i said in annoyance. I heard the sound of wolves howling and that’s when the nightmare has started.W e heard the scream of fear.”jesse!” we both yelled.”stay here while i go see what's happening” noella she darted up the stairs.i sat in the staring at the…show more content…
I Grabbed a mop and limped as fast as i can.went out the backyard and into the woods.There is a police station on the other side and once i get there i’m going to tell them everything that happened. I just have to protect myself to get there.I saw a man in a black hoodie trying to take jesse with him.”Sean! Help! This scary man is trying to take me away!!” jesse said with tears rolling down her face.”Sean! run and get help before he hurts you” noella said lying on the ground.Noella had a cut on her lip and a bruise on her cheek while jesse looks like she hasn’t been touched.The man dropped jesse and took his hoodie off.”Lael?what? why are you doing this? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND.Noella doesn’t deserve this” I yelled in

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