Where You Go Is Not Who You Ll Be By Frank Bruni

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After high school, most high school students attend college in order to become qualified for a proper career in the future. In today’s society, we ambitiously attempt to attain highly selective schools and Ivy Leagues. To achieve this, we have turned college admissions into a devastating process, preceded by test prep, thousands of dollars’ worth of tuition, different stratagems, and a conviction among many students that their futures will be determined and their worth established by which schools accept them. However, what if we were told that attending an Ivy League is not salient for our future success? This is what Frank Bruni asserts in his book Where You Go is Not Who You’ll Be. Bruni’s purpose in writing this book is to explain to us…show more content…
Bruni wanted to show the readers that attending a top-ranked college can lead to high amounts of stress and anxiety; he did this by effectively incorporating pathos. For instance, he included an example of a girl named Jillian Vogel, who was unhappy with her ACT score and said: “Dear Composite Score, it has come to my attention that you are unimpressive…You are not an ideal ACT score… I could not foresee the amount of power you would hold over me. I feel rejected” (152). This substantiates that the unrealistic and caustic requirements of top-ranked schools cause tremendous amounts of stress and depression, showing that attending these schools can be detrimental. We normally do not contemplate about the stress and depression that encumbers students when they apply to highly selective colleges. This example exposes the flaws in prestigious college admissions process, as they have impractical requirements, which often enervates students and engenders stress and self-blame in students’ lives; this convinces us that attending prestigious schools solely for the rank is not worth the harmful

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