Seabreeze Virtualization Summary

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There are countless benefits an organization experiences when it moves to a virtualized environment. An organization like the city of Seabreeze would experience many benefits especially cost reductions in running the I.T. Department, minimized single points of failure, and the reduction in its carbon footprint. In order to understand the benefits of virtualization, it must be properly defined. According to Goldworm and Skamarock, “Virtualization is the ability to create a logical abstraction of physical assets. In the case of server virtualization, allows for multiple “virtual” servers to run on one physical server, thereby consolidating many physical servers onto one.” (p. 6) In the case of the city of Seabreeze this would mean migrating its seventy-two physical servers into virtual servers that are housed on a few physical machines.…show more content…
costs would be highly beneficial to the city and virtualizing its servers can do that in many ways. The seventy-two servers the city is currently running are consuming energy and creating heat. In order for the servers to properly function, they must operate in a controlled environment and that requires the temperature in the rooms they reside in must be controlled with a cooling system which also consumes energy. Wallen (2013) states, “Millions of dollars have gone into research and design of heat dissipation and control in the data center, but the cold hard fact is, all of those servers generate heat. The only way around that” User fewer servers. How do you manage that? Virtualization. Virtualize your servers and you’re using less hardware and you generate less heat.” (10 benefits of virtualization in the data center, 2007, 1. Less heat buildup) With less physical equipment, the city will see less energy used to power and cool the I.T. infrastructure. Virtualized servers also cost less money to deploy and

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