Tone Color In Steven Spielberg's Jaws

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When listening to different musical pieces you might describe it as a bright and cheerful piece or dark and sad. Those descriptions are called the tone color or timbre. The tone color is different for every piece and can change multiple times within a piece. The different families of instruments can also cause it to change. For example the string instruments (violin, cello, bass, etc.) can change the mood from bright and happy to dark and sad. It can all change depending on how the instrument is played. In movies the movie scores use variety of instruments to create the tone color or timbre to get a certain effect. In Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, movie scorer John Williams created a dark intense sound to be used as the shark.*1 Changing the tone color can also be done within a music instruments family. For example the flute can play bright tunes. But the piccolo, which is family to a flute, can play high pitches. The change in pitch can also cause the tone color/ timbre to change. In John Phillip Sousa’s piece Stars and Strips Forever the tone color changes between the flutes and the piccolo.*2 Voice classifications also can change the tone color in a piece. Voice classifications are the different types of singers based on their pitch level. The different singers are sopranos, tenor, alto and they all…show more content…
In music there are many different types of performing ensembles. If you like singing there are choruses and choir groups. There are string, brass, and wind ensembles. My favorite is marching band. Marching band is like an orchestra because it meshes a bunch of performing ensembles together. Each musical group can change the tone color/timbre in a piece. Singing and strings for example can produce a happier and brighter sound. Brass and woodwinds could also produce darker sounds. But there are instrumental families which means there are instruments within one family that can produce any type of

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