What It Means To Be American Essay

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What does it mean to be American? It could mean a variety of ideas but certain points certainly stand out from others. Being American is broken down into many parts but mainly focused on who you are.It can be having your freedom, supporting your country, waking up everyday with the government administrating your everyday life, and also bravery. All of these are some of the many concepts of what it means to be American. First of all, freedom is what it mostly means to be American because if people didn’t have it, then you couldn’t do most if anything you do in everyday life. Americans must know their rights and respect laws to keep this huge aspect and not lose it. Using freedom, Americans can chose the way they live their life and make decisions without government choosing them for you. A quote from Pericles says “Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.” So by this quote it means to stand up and show that you want your freedom. If we had not obtained this key factor a long time ago from our history with Britain, then America could have likely never have gotten it. From this, the country may have not developed the way it is today.…show more content…
It takes courage and strength to have this in all Americans arsenal so that the country will not fall apart. For example, George Washington was very brave by being the first president. He showed that he was willing to help lead the country and have true strength to represent the new country. As all these pointers start to fall into place, you may see that they have connections with one another and what it truly means to be apart of
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