Comparing War And A Horseman In The Sky

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In both stories “War” by Jack London and “A Horseman in the Sky” Ambrose Bierce how to deal with the American Civil War and how not kill someone during and war can lead to your death. “War” is about how he chooses not to shoot the enemy with ginger-bearded man when at the lake and end up meeting him again and get himself killed. “A Horseman in the Sky” is about how a young Virginian man betrayed his state and work for the union named Carter Druse, later a Confederate horseman spy find him which is his father. Carter Druse makes a decision to join the Union. While Cater is on duty he feels very tired so he fall asleep on the job. Carter was hesitating on whether he should kill his father or not but then finally makes the decision and do his job as a Union Army man by killing the enemy. All though we don’t know who the horseman is we do notice a change in the character’s mood when the soldier suddenly turns his head and looks in the direction of the masked person. But he has to do his job in spite of all his hesitations “the man must be shot dead from ambush without warning, without a moment’s spiritual participation Carter ends up pulls himself…show more content…
The sides and causes are not indicated in the story. The conflict is that men are fighting, and it is the scout's job to get info from the other side to allow his side to have a lead in the war. The story mainly focuses on the beauty of the countryside along with the scout's nervousness and fear of dying or being caught. He stops at a farmhouse and sees a man with a red beard getting water, even though he has a clear shot, he does nothing and continues scouting. Later, he is surprised by a group of enemies and shot dead by that same person. After the shot. They watched him fall as his body bounce when it struck the earth all of his apple’s rolled out around him. They laughed at this and gave a round of applause for the shot made by the man with the ginger

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