What Is The Embodiment Of Nihilism

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In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad elicits nihilistic strains through his use of pronouns and through his embodiment of Kurtz as a source of “Darkness.” Nihilism is the belief that human life has no purpose or meaning, and that people cannot know the details about their surroundings or be loyal to anything. Nihilism is usually associated with Friedrich Nietzsche, who wrote Will to Power. This book is centered around the primary driving force for humans, which Nietzsche explains with an intensely pessimistic view that “every belief, every considering something true, is necessarily false because there is simply no true world.” Conrad takes the core of nihilism and incorporates it into Heart of Darkness through his substitution of proper pronouns with pronouns and impersonal titles. With the exception of Mr.Kurtz, the main character…show more content…
The lack of names for these people personify the idea of restrain from building relationship and the idea of demoralizing these people’s personal value. This disregard for the value of names parallels Nihilism in the concept that our world is meaningless and that no human life, or human name, has any real merit. Another embodiment of Nihilism in Heart of Darkness is through the characterization of Mr. Kurtz. Upon first hearing about the famous Mr. Kurtz, Marlow was intrigued by his accomplishments, but showed no sign of emotion towards him. Throughout his trip, Marlow encounters more and more people who continue the story of Kurtz and his high status, and Marlow develops a desire to meet this “universal genius”. As the journey progressed, Marlow’s desire to meet Kurtz intensifies, and eventually,

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