Crack Rock Counter Culture

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Immanent Critique applied to Crack Rock: the prospects of a meaningful future in a world where nothing has commercial value An immanent critique can be applied to highlight the contradictions in Crack Rock. These contradictions originate from the notion that they stand against the mindless consumerism, yet they themselves mindlessly indulge in drugs, and accept a hedonist lifestyle. Crack Rock is a valueless critique against capitalism, considering the contradictions between what they stand for and what they do. There is also a contradiction between what they stand for, and what this allows them to do. The genre Crack Rock has expanded into a vibrant community, representing contradicting ideals with nihilism as main narrative. It has now dawned that the…show more content…
Crack Rock as genre Crack Rock is slang term for amphetamines (as in a ‘rock’ of crack- cocaine), yet the double-meaning of Rock places it in a music genre. It is considered a counter-culture, originating as the antithesis of mindless consumerism as portrayed in the media and contemporary culture. Unfortunately, Crack Rock as counter-culture is valueless, because its only value is to be against mindless consumption, whilst not transcending to higher values themselves. Crack Rock is a sub-culture of Punk rock that incorporates hardcore elements, like samples, growling vocals and shock imagery. It has developed into an international array of bands that are classified under the Crack Rock label. Its pioneer and most definitive character (definitely not idol) is ‘Stza’ Scott ‘Sturgeon’. Stza is in all sense of common description a deviant from the New York C-squat. In 2008 Stza was arrested for throwing donuts at cops, and has been arrested on several accounts for drug possession and stealing. He was/is the member of No

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