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There’s many ways that an ad is used to catch consumers attention. Some use vivid colors and interesting pictures, others use words and phrases to draw attention. Pictures of products can show the intended customer the good things of the good, and can bring out the littlest details of the item. Different types of text can catch the eye as well, depending on the fonts or the color or the size of the text. Text can also tell about statistics or facts on the product, thus interesting the customer even further. Ads are meant to catch the attention of people who may have interest in the product, each one unique. Also, depending on what type of magazine the ad appears in, the ad could focus more towards intriguing one type of person, like…show more content…
On the top half of the ad, there is the toes of a foot, fully enlarged to fit the whole screen. The first animated big toe has eyes, a mouth with a sly grin, like the toe lady is trying to challenge the reader. Toe lady is wearing a purple baseball cap with “Jublia” on it. In her right hand she holds a tennis racquet, and with the other hand she is tossing up a tennis ball, even more enhancing the idea that she is looking to challenge someone to a tennis match.There is also some fungus on the toes, a symbol of what the product is trying to get rid of. The ad probably has a tennis theme because the product is targeting more of an athletic crowd because they tend to get athlete’s foot more often. Jublia is targeted to beat and get rid of athlete's foot fungus, which can be itchy and it looks rather…show more content…
On the top right says “toenail fungus? dont hide it, smash it with Jublia.” The “smash it” is the biggest part of the wording, because it has to do with tennis, and its a tennis themed ad. “Toenail fungus”, also in a color brown, just like the actual fungus on a toe would look. On the top left there is the company name bolded and in purple, The bottom half of the ad is also covered in drug facts and smaller print, explaining the safety information because it's technically a drug and is probably required to have it on there. The first thing it says before all of the informative text it says “Jublia is an FDA-approved prescription topical solution.” Most likely says that because again, it has to, but also so it proves that it is a safe solution to use and it's been proven to work. In the informative part where it talks about the important safety information there is bullet points containing things that the consumer should know before and after they buy the product. The opposite side of the ad holds many more drug facts and other safety

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