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The physical space I am going to analyze is Oakland Chinatown. Oakland Chinatown is an area where many Chinese people all around the Bay Area come to buy groceries or come eat at the restaurants. Oakland Chinatown has many fresh grocery stores and many restaurants for people to congregate and to eat. In Chinatown the area is filled with many buildings that surround the area, there are not many single house in Chinatown. Some buildings in the area are banks, small grocery stores, many restaurants and cafes, School and many apartment buildings in the area. Many of the buildings are connected together such as the business and the apartments are connected as one building. There are many restaurants and grocery stores in area which makes the Chinatown the opposite of a food desert. The school design is in criteria with the Healthy School design because the school was recently renovated to accommodate more grass areas for the children to play around and allow the community to use the space. The school lunch program at the elementary school is a formal design because it does not serve any unhealthy foods or contain any vending machines. The areas near the schools are community…show more content…
In Oakland Chinatowns there is not many places for people to come and congregate in the area. There are too many grocery stores that put out their products on the street. Putting their products on the streets where people walk causes traffic on the walkways. People cannot stand on the streets but have to stand in the area where people park their cars because there is not enough space for people to walk. People have to squeeze in between people just to get out or to the other side. There are two parks in the area however the parks do not contain many green spaces for children to play in. One of the parks contain a grass area however there are not much because it is not a huge field but a small

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