What Is Djinn: A Narrative Fiction

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“Shawn, Shawn!” “Oh sorry Mrs Cook, I must have zoned out.” Shawn said awaking from a daydream “ Tell me about it, you have been staring at that wall for at least five minute now. Is something troubling you?” The class started laughing at him. “ I just can’t get something off my mind.” “And what might that be?” Can she ever get off my back? Shawn thought to himself. I swear the only reason this old hag hasn’t retired yet is to make my life a living hell. “ I’m pretty sure it’s nothing, but when we got off the bus this morning i saw this man sprinting, sprinting towards some other guy in a suit. The crazy guy who was running jumped on the man and took a bite out of his shoulder!” Shawn had realized how crazy it sounded out loud. “ You and your…show more content…
“Um, George right? You’re in my English class I think.” George just stared at him, he started to twitch, then to scream. The scream was like nothing he has ever heard before. It was blood curdling, and almost didn’t even sound human. “Watch out!” Brandon yelled out at Shawn, but before he could even finish his sentence George had Shawn pinned on the ground and tried to bite and scratch him. “Get off of me you lunatic!” Shawn shouted at the boy on top of him. Georges face was now only a few inches away from Shawn’s. He could taste the stench coming from the boy's mouth. It made a skunk smell like roses. There was now a group of concerned students watching what was happening to Shawn. All of the sudden George stopped fighting him, got off and jumped on a girl a few feet away from them. “What in the world was that?” asked Shawn’s other friend Jess “I’m not sure.” Shawn said while getting up. “ he bumped into me and I recognized him from my English class, the next thing i know he was on me.” The screams of the girl which the insane boy was on top of, made Shawn look back he saw the eyes of the boy, no not a boy something else. “We have to get out of here, fast!” Jess said as she started running down the hallway of their overpopulated high school in New York City. Just before turning a corner Shawn looked back at the creature and his victim. The girl whose shoulder was gushing blood got up and looked at him, with the same eyes as…show more content…
“I’m not sure… I think a building about a dozen blocks away exploded!” Brandon said. Shawn look out his his window in the direction of the explosion, but all he could see was hoards of people running in every direction in the streets. There was one person a woman around her forties standing near the side of the bus staring at the bus. All of the sudden she started sprinting much faster than any human Shawn had ever seen before. She was headed right for the bus. “Everyone get down!” yelled Shawn. She hit the bus with a loud thud, and somehow she even shook the bus. Shawn looked down at the woman who he thought was now dead. “She’s dead right? there’s no way anyone could survive that.” Jess stated. “Yeah, but there’s no way anyone can run that fast. What’s going on?” Said Brandon. All of the sudden the woman began to get up. Shawn could now see her eyes, they were the same as the guy who attacked him at his school. Her leg was broken but that didn’t seem to slow her down, she walked back, screamed, then sprinted at the bus again. She hit the bus harder than before, she even dented the bus this time. “I’m getting off this bus, we are all gonna die on here” A kid said from the front of the bus. Almost as soon as he exited the bus a zombie grabbed him and took a chunk out of his shoulder. Shawn and his two friends were looking at the boy, he

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