What Does It Mean To Be Alive Essay

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Only 595 people have been to space.[citation] That is only 1.7% of the population of Hot Springs, AR, which is currently 35,680.[citation] The amount of people who have had that opportunity is so small it is impossible to list here. If you ever get that, chance you should take it. Space is the only place you could find new life, or be such an amazing part of history. Plus, it would be the experience of a lifetime. There have been countless movies about alien. What would the look like? Would they be friendly? What if you had the chance to find out? That would be the most amazing thing ever! Every scientist on the planet has thought about it. E.T. was one of the biggest movies of all time, and it is about an alien. What if Spielberg was close? It would be incredible to meet E.T. Star Trek probably has a better grasp of what aliens would be like. Aliens are probably selfish and hostile just like us. Some religions actually teach that there are no more sentient life forms, but most children think about it at some point. Maybe God has another experiment somewhere out there, and it would be…show more content…
You would get to teach others what you learned while you were there, and probably get a school named after you. Harvard may even come calling. Humans have a responsibility to pass information on to the next generation. Your name would be in every history book until the end of time, which would make you more famous than the president. Even Michael Jackson would pale in comparison to you. Plus when everyone knows your name, it is super easy to get a date. Legacies are something you leave behind when you are gone. Being such an important part of history, after going to a new planet, you would leave an amazing legacy. Everyone would respect you, because you helped further the human race. Your specific legacy would inspire a new generation of children to be space explorers, just like Neil Armstrong. What greater thing could you we do while we are

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