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Gregory Maguire’s masterpiece, Egg and Spoon, told from the perspective of a monk who once served the Tsar, stars 2 young girls thrown into a world of adults weaved with all the mystery and magic of Russian fairytales. Elena Rudina is the youngest of three living in a poor village. Her father and the other girls were drowned in a tragic accident. Luka, the oldest is whisked away to serve in the army for the Tsar of all the Russias, and Alexei, the middle child, serves a local merchant who left the poor village. At 13, Elena is left alone with her dying mother, the town doctor and a set of marystosha dolls. Mademoiselle Ekaterina Ivanovna de Robichaux or Cat is hauled by her Great-Aunt Sophia from her school in England to St.Petersburg. There…show more content…
Cat and Baba Yaga have their own plan. Baba Yaga becomes Cat’s “governess.” The two parties meet each other and the Tsar all at once. Elena is hauled off to prison, but he firebird’s egg has gone missing. After braking Elena out of prison, Baba Yaga, Cat, Anton (the Tsar’s godson), and Elena embark on a journey. Using the marystosha doll Elena has they go north and meet Žmey-Aždaja, the ice dragon. Freezing, the ice dragon refuses to help them. Melting the ice with his hot breath, he complains that he was woken too early as a result of human greed. Sowing the dragon's teeth to make a shelter the travelers end up with an army. The dragon-tooth boy, a boy from the dragon’s small tooth, agrees to wind the fabergé egg which plays music to put the ice dragon to sleep. Only after Baba Yaga agrees to adopt him and they will all do their part in helping to decrease the amount of human complaining. After returning to St. Petersburg, the firebird hatches, and the dragon-tooth soldiers become the Tsar’s new army so Luka is released. Elena and Luka go home to find their mother is healed as a result of Cat’s kindness. After all this, Cat and her great aunt start a place for the poor to find shelter and

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