What Does Discus Mean To You Essay

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In life, you come across people and experiences that will change ones life forever. One experience that has meaning in my life is discus. Discus is an event that occurs during Track and Field meets. It is where a person competes against his teammates, and others to see who can throw the farthest. There is nowhere in the world where I feel more content. Discus is an individual sport where the thrower spins in inside of a ring, and launches the discus at an angle. When describe in this way it seems so simple. In reality, it is a complex event. You must have throwing shoes, and need to be well balanced. There is a bond like no other between you and your fellow throwers. You spend so much time perfecting your craft that you know all the details about each others lives. There is more to it than just competing. It is the pushing yourself and the willingness to take critique from your teammates, because none of your coaches can help you. It is the silence that you hear as you are about to throw. You are doing more than just getting better at your sport; it is about improving yourself.…show more content…
It is calming to be able to just go and throw. It were you out in a way that is hard to describe. If it is done correctly you are using all the muscles in your back, throwing arm, and legs. When you stand there, the wind is blowing and all is silent. It creates a kind of peace that is hard to find. There is nothing like it outside of going off into the woods away from everything. It also is a great outlet for releasing stress or anger. That is done by disrupting the peace of the moment. You throw the discus, and add in a grunt or yell on the end to release it all. This event is more than just a

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