Phillip K. Dick's The Penultimate Truth

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In Phillip K. Dick’s The Penultimate Truth, the world takes place in the aftermath of World War III where 99% of the nation is stationed underground bunkers called “tanks.” The people in these tanks mass produce robot machines, which can withstand any environment, called “leadies” in order to support the war effort. Meanwhile the Yance-men, or the 1%, as I like to call them, live on the surface in their villas which reside in immense parks “demenses.” The Yance-men continue to perpetuate the lie that World War III never ended and broadcast faux news and documentaries down to the people in their tanks so they can mass produce leadies, not as fighting machines like they were originally intended but as servants for the nation’s elite. The underlying…show more content…
In the novel and much like in real life, people tend to take their daily news from television and seem to take it at face value and that is where people go wrong. They seem to only want just one piece of evidence and believe it. Although the spectacle plays a huge part in the deception of the American public and the Tankers in Dick’s book, it also “subjugates living men to itself to the extent that the economy has totally subjugated them.” (Debord 1983, pg. 16) The tankers were stuck in underground bunkers producing leadies for the “war effort” and that was all they did. Their lives were dominated by the production of leadies and nothing else. That was their main purpose, their reason for living; of course, they didn’t know that. The Tankers thought they were helping the war effort in order to go back to the surface at some point. They same thing is occurring with American people, except it’s just a little less subtle than…show more content…
33) This can be viewed easily through the eyes of the tankers. All the Tankers do is develop more and more leadies for the Yance-men and believing it to help the “war effort” but in reality all their hard work translates to nothing. The same principle can be applied to the working class. People don’t go to their assistant jobs or fast food jobs thinking “I’m here to help people!” or “ I’m going to do my best to make sure that my boss gets his double espresso, non-fat café, soy latte today!” People work because they need money but the thing is that money keeps you in a perpetual cycle for it. Without money, our existences would fade unless we resorted to crime; but let’s not stop

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