What Are The Seven Deadly Sins In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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Corrie Hale hour 1 The Count of Monte Cristo Writing The seven deadly sins are one way to portray a character’s flaws. In this case, those characters flaws led to extreme punishment and even death. The characters in The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas are a great example of the seven deadly sins. As Edmond was in prison with Abbe Faria, Abbe helps him figure out who his enemies were that could have sent him to prison. He helps him figure out that Villefort, Caderousse, Fernand, and Danglars were all in to help send him to Chateau D’If. Once Abbe builds up the trust of Edmond, he tells him about the Spada treasure. Edmond thinks about what he wants to do with his new fortune if he finds it. As he thinks about the good he could do with the money, he thinks again and shows his wrath towards the people who sent him to prison by remembering, “At those moments Dantes’ face would darken, for he remembered the oath of vengeance he had sworn, and he thought of how much harm a man could do to his enemies in our modern times with such a fortune.”…show more content…
But he saw nothing but envy in his drunken face. ‘Alright, then’ he said, filling up the glasses, ‘let’s drink to captain Edmond Dantes, husband of the beautiful Mercedes!’ Caderousse raised his glass with a heavy hand and emptied it at one gulp. (Dumas, 15) Caderousse faces a major problem with sloth that ends up getting him killed. When he went to Andrea’s hotel to demand more money, Andrea refuses him. Andrea tells him that he could easily obtain more money by the Count of Monte Cristo, who has more than enough. This inspires him to make a plan to rob the Count. Caderousse is so lazy that he will do anything that saves him energy and time to obtain money rather than

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