Western Hegemony Analysis

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Western Hegemony in Development Discourse I analyze in this paper work done by three eminent scholars Ashis Nandy (The Beautiful, Expanding Future of Poverty: Popular Economics as a Psychological Defense), Chandra Mohanty Talpade (Under Western Eyes: Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses) and Gustavo Esteva (Development) and link their works to show how western hegemony has defined the Orient and Africa as underdeveloped and given cures for this disease which they have diagnosed us with. Beauty of Poverty What do we mean by the word poverty? Is it the lack of material goods or the lack of capability to acquire them or may be the lack of dignity to live a fulfilling life. Ashis Nandy in his article “The Beautiful, Expanding Future…show more content…
He differentiates between poverty and destitution and argues that the later is a construction of modern political economy and has been increasing as a direct result of urbanization and development in the last century. Nandy rebuts this idea of defining poverty in purely economic terms without understanding the historicity of different communities and their lifestyles which have sustained them for centuries. He criticizes the expert systems build into the capitalist economy and adds “To speak on behalf of the poor and the oppressed has become a major ego defense against hearing their voices…” The degradation and demeaning of low consumption environment friendly lifestyles as poverty is what he challenges in an era where optimum utilization of economic resources through continuous extraction from the planet has become the norm. So if you are not extracting all the available resources you belong to a poor community which does not understands the beauty of modern…show more content…
Nandy adds that the rich and the middle class live in a strong sense of delusion about the inevitability of development which acts as an ego defense mechanism against the destructive reality of development. The linking of economic growth to poverty reduction and development has been imbibed so deep in the consciousness of the rising middle class that the farmer suicides in our villages and the people barely subsisting in the margins of our cities are dismissed as small anomalies to be eventually overcome by the trickledown economics. Nandy challenges the moral authority acquired by the development regime as the sole emancipator of the global poor while simultaneously destroying their lifestyles and discrediting their cultures. He sees this contradiction in our policies and wants the nation to move away from pursuing development in these narrow

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