Western Front Infestation

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The western front was a big part of world war one. Fierce battles were fought on the western front resulting in thousands of deaths and injuries. The rats was a big problems and the infestation was bad with lice and shell shock. The trenches were dirty and they had to go through unfortunate living conditions with rubbish and weak trench materials. The weather was really hard to deal with and they also got feet infection because of the water. The daily death and fighting was a struggle and they were always on the lookout or attacking. There daily routine had boring and hard tasks they had to do every day, also it was really boring when they had nothing to do The first reason why the western front was hell on it was because of the awful infestation around and the disease the solders caught during the First World War. The infestation was very rough with brown and black rats in millions crawling on the soldier face when there sleeping they also eat their food and make it dirty. The disease were terrifying, one of the most…show more content…
The infestation was bad so they would have to get rid and kill the rats and stay away from lice. When people went missing or they got killed they would have to count bodies and keep track on the dead and missing. The first thing they did was they fixed there bayonets and readied themselves to guard against a dawn raid by the enemy then they would have breakfast, clean their weapons if there dirty and they would be checked if working and stable. The most common thing they had to go through was the daily boredom and nothing to do, they were also restricted in day time when all their daily chore were complete they would sit there for hours and do their personal tasks like cleaning, repairing personal equipment, reading, writing and making their meals. They got so board they would just sleep until they got assigned a new
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