All Quiet On The Western Front Essay

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All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque, uses intense imagery to show the reader the realities of war. The book sends a jarring anti-war message without directly coming out as being against the war. Throughout the book, the main theme, running through almost every page, is the impact war has on the teenage soldiers. They are the lost generation. Since the book is written from the first person perspective of Paul Bäumer, a 19-year-old soldier, it explicitly captures the effect of war on the mind and the body of the lost generation of soldiers. To contrast the violence, Remarque uses vivid descriptions of nature to add beauty to the horrors being described. When schoolboys enter the war as soldiers, they are going to have a difficult…show more content…
Some of the writing in the book is fantastic. The way Remarque can make the reader feel inviting into the pages of the book is remarkable, but that does not make up for writing about topics that are not interesting. The ending will disappoint most of the readers, even though it is a cliche ending. The good parts of the book do not make up for the parts of the book that take along time to read because they are slow, and not as interesting as the action sequences. For students taking classes about World War I, it is a perfect book because students are always being told that the war was terrible, but the book shows the students that the war was miserable, and shows them the psychology effect of conflict. It also relates to students because many of the main soldiers are in the high school age range, and it shows that those youth that survived the conflict were shells of themselves following the war. The book poses a question of: What does a soldier do once a war ends? The answer is move on, but for many soldiers that is next to impossible, so dying during the course of war is the finally answer to the

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