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My presentation today is about a piece called “Welcome to America”. I originally heard this song on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where the artist, Lecrae, preformed it live. Welcome to America has three verses, each written from the perspective of three people. The first is someone born here in America. This person recognizes some of the problems in this vaunted nation someone looking from the outside in might not see. Lecrae writes that the problems America had with slavery still linger under the surface. He writes, “I was made in America land of the free, home of the brave. And right up under your nose you might see a sex slave being traded” and “I was born in the mainland, great grandpa in a strange land, he was stripped away and given bricks to lay I guess you could say he was a slave here”. Lecrae also talks about how America has become money centered saying “And we’ll do anything for the money, boy a momma might sell her babies. Sell porn sell pills anything to pay the bills anything to bring that pay”. To finish it off, Lecrae to talks about the negative effects of poverty and says “And this is all I ever known If I'm wrong then you better come save me America”. I believe that what…show more content…
Lecrae serves up the perfect summarization of this verse in the first line exclaiming “Man I'd die for America, I serve my time for America, got shot shot back with the war, got back and ain't nobody give a jack in America”. Lecrae also talks about some of the problems that soldiers face on the Homefront such as post-traumatic stress disorder, a high divorce rate, and the fact that most Americans don’t care about the men and women that lay down their lives for the country. He writes And everybody want the freedom but nobody want to hear about-face, we bled for America, to keep y'all fed in America, but what’s the point of talking a lot of y'all don't really even care,

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