Ways To Overcome Math Anxiety Essay

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How can we overcome our Math Anxiety. We can overcome math anxiety, overcoming Math anxiety in one of the best ways is through positive reinforcement of the students’ intelligence and skills. Don’t give negative criticism for doing on activities, quizzes or assignments instead review with them the problem and skills they were able to master. Surround the students with accomplished and optimistic people. A positive attitude will help. However, positive attitudes come with quality teaching for understanding which often isn't the case with many traditional approaches to teaching mathematics. Ask questions, be determined to 'understand the math'. Don't settle for anything less during instruction. Ask for clear illustrations and or demonstrations or simulations. Practice regularly, especially when you're having difficulty. Take good notes or use journals effectively. When total understanding escapes you, hire a tutor or work with peers that understand the math. You can do the math, sometimes it just take a different approach for you to understand some of the concepts. Don't just read over…show more content…
The research implies that reducing math anxiety and increasing the achievement of students remains a college wide endeavor; institutions can remain aware of math phobic students when designing course offerings; advisors can aid students by matching anxious students with courses that complement their learning styles, and instructors can identify and assist math anxious students. If the strategies that the research offers are implemented, math anxious students may soon find success and colleges may be labeled as welcoming math zones. Math educators dream for the day when students can confidently say, “I enjoy math!” This dream will only be realized when the entire educational community strives to prevent, recognize, and treat math

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