Water Contaminant Lab Report

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Introduction An overturned oil tanker has left an environmental group at a last resort for an alternative soap or detergent. This local environmental group is looking to use this soap or detergent to clean the birds affected by the oil in this tanker. The process that was used prior to this involved using lard and the environmental group is looking for a better substitute to this process. This spill is the second to affect the area in the previous decade. Upon the first oil spill being treated, a scummy slime was left over and it made many individuals believe the scum came from water contaminants. A group of researchers have been called upon to create environmentally friendly soaps and detergents for the environmental group. As a request from the environmental group, the soap, detergents and wastes from the production of the soaps and detergents must all be treated to find their environmental friendliness. The lathering ability, pH, cleanliness and solubility will all be analyzed. The wastes will be inspected for left over materials, contaminants and pH. In addition, the group has inquired an inspection of their sources of fresh water to decide where the scum is coming from and a way to avoid it.…show more content…
Soap and detergents have differing properties based upon the way they are manufactured. All of these properties will be tested to find the most environmentally friendly substitute for the environmental

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