American Dream Obstacles Essay

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Do obstacles in someone's life change their ambition to succeed? Is it that people lose hope after just one thing goes wrong and just give up? From Americans to Immigrants they were either born or came to America with stars in their eyes and hope in their hearts. Others had a realistic picture of what to expect, still others were vastly disappointed in some aspects of American life. The American dream is announced from movies to books, sometimes-even speakers. In books, though they can actually create the future of that dream, however, that's not reality, the dream changes year to year bringing on new chances but more obstacles as well. Some obstacles, whether emotional or physical that make that American dream even more challenging or even inaccessible. There's always…show more content…
As you can tell in the quote in the last paragraph, it just tells men not women. That's because woman probably didn't have rights at the time of the book, but that was a situation of the past. Now the gates have opened, opportunities have approached to everyone today, so sexism isn't legitimately common today in America but a concept of the past. But Racism is an everyday matter, if you come to America unprivileged, you have a chance to form your dream and start over from where you came from. Other countries are at war, have a crummy economy, or have a different type of government that has restrictions. That's why they find a way out to the land of opportunity in America, Some aren't paid an equal wage because some say they don't deserve it or they are trash. But some people are ignorant, they just want to have a better life than they had and want to make it harder form them! That's ridiculous! But some people actually take it. Even though if you come to America as an immigrant, you still have the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder or even become the CEO of your own company. Now some barriers you cant obtain
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