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I found that the movie of Sleepy Hollow had many similarities affiliated with it that closely related to the actual story by Washington Irving. I found it interesting that after reading the story and watching the movie again, I recognized key aspects/elements within the paradigm of the stories characteristics. The movie, which was created and aired by Disney on October 5, 1949, focused more on the tall tale of Sleepy Hollow. Disney made the movie where you could zone in on key points of main characters physical and emotional attributes, but never allow you to dig deep through dialogue because none of the characters ever spoke unless it was to sing. This approach also did not allow the watcher to go outside the linear storyline of the cartoon.…show more content…
Ichabod never showed himself taking his anger out on Gunpowder either. One element that I enjoyed seeing in the cartoon that was not present in the actual story was the glory given to Gunpowder. Gunpowder actually seemed to be a lively character during the chase between Ichabod and the headless horseman, where his facial expressions and actions made up for how he was described which was run-down and lethargic. Another element in the cartoon that was not present in the actual story was how we perceive the headless horseman. During the chase between the protagonist of the story and the goblin, we see Ichabod peering straight down into the headless horseman’s coat. We can only rationalize that Ichabod was terrified of what he saw (or did not see) because he gave off the emotion of sheer terror when gazing down into the horseman’s coat. In the story, many of the inhabitants of Sleepy Hollow believed that Brom Bones might have been the headless horseman due to his knowledge on the disappearance of Ichabod, which was more than what anybody else…show more content…
I believe Disney left that element out to have readers propose such questions about Sleepy Hollow; to allow them research it and read the actual story for themselves. Other theories executed about this same matter speculate different opinions for why such factors are present, or not present; this is just the ripest apple out of the basket full of them. Even though the many differences can change a person’s perspective on the story entirely, the similarities between the characters and the atmosphere are still present in both the cartoon and written work, which I enjoyed because it made it easier for me to apply what I already know into another form of the same story and continue from there. For example, I took what I already knew from the main characters of Sleepy Hollow and applied that knowledge to the movie, which only enlightened my knowledge even further to grasp a firm understanding of the concepts presented. These two forms of the same story allowed me to think critically on information presented as well as analyze information affiliated to key words, phrases, and

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