Miranda Vs Arizona Essay

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The Miranda v. Arizona case took place in 1966, in a 5-4 decision it was ruled that prosecution could not introduce confessions as evidence in a criminal trial without legal representation nor self-incrimination without wavering there rights. This took place after Ernesto Miranda was arrested for burglary and rape. Miranda ignorant to his rights admitted to the crime and was also denied legal representation. His ignorance was used as a disadvantage to a fair trial for a conviction. Even do his confession was thrown out during his retrial he was later found guilty ones again. In my opinion justice was served and the justice system got it right, but what if we didn’t. What if the arresting officers would had picked up the wrong person. This…show more content…
A good example of a coheres confession was a case well known as the central park five in New York City. In April 19 1989, five juvenile from black and Puerto Rican descent was arrested, interrogated and convicted of the brutal rape and beating of Trisha Ellen. Countless interrogation where made by these minor without their parents nor legal representation present. Countless times all five teenagers continued to admit to the brutal attack, incriminating themselves and each other. In 2002 there conviction was overturned when Matias Reyes confessed to the attack. DNA confirmed that Matias was the perpetrator. If Matias would had never come forward these young men would had spent their rest of their life confined for a crime they did not commit and all due to their incriminating confession done without legal representation. This case is one of many suspects that has been convicted and later vindicated due to lack of legal representation during interrogation and or incriminating confession. Another well-known case that took place just last year in New York. Marcel Dockery at 16 years of age was interrogated for 16 hours for starting a fire that killed 3 people. A video and written confession was made by the interrogating officers of the teen confessing to the crime. This case is still

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