A Rhetorical Analysis Of 30 Seconds To Mars

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I chose this video because 30 Seconds to Mars has been one of my favorite bands for a while, and when I was looking through their music videos, “Kings and Queens” really stood out to me. How the music video portrayed the lyrics of the song caught my attention. This music video argues that we do the most damage to ourselves, and that should be stopped. While watching the music video, I saw a large group of bicyclists riding down city streets. One of the more noticeable attributes is that each of the bicyclists has their own outfit, which is unique to that individual. This represents what each person’s true character is, or in other words, their ethos. The artist of the song, Thirty Seconds to Mars, also portrays who they are: a band. There…show more content…
One lyric states, “We stole our new lives/ Through blood and name/ In defense of our dreams” (Leto 12-14) which could mean that we were the ones who ruined the life ahead of us, because of the belief that in order to obtain what we want, we have to bring others down. This idea can also be seen the chorus when you hear, “We were the kings and queens of promise/ We were the victims of ourselves” (Leto 4-5). This could mean that when we were young, we had so much potential to do anything, but as we grew up we began to doubt ourselves and realize that one person cannot do everything. Sometimes, the lyrics will correspond with a visual that emphasizes the message. One example of this is when the band sings, “The age of man is over” (Leto 21) a cyclist is hit by a car and seemingly dies. Not long after this we hear, “The lessons that we’ve learned here/ Have only just begun.” (Leto 23-24), as a white stallion runs through a dark alley. The “dead” cyclist gets up afterwards and resumes riding his bike, just like nothing had happened. This visual signals that a new age has begun, one in which people will not belittle

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